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Satellite map as basemap in Pix4D Cloud

This seems like a very easy question, but I haven’t been able to find the answer in a quick search.

Is there a way to change the basemap in Pix4D Cloud for when it is shared with individuals? At the moment, it appears to only give the map view and not a satellite view.



Hi Todd,

You can switch to the satellite view using the panel on the right:

  1. Select the Basemap layer
  2. On the inspector panel (right) check “Satellite map”

Hope this helps,



Got it!


As of  12/4/2018 the new method of switching between map modes is just to click the map style window at the bottom left corner of the center screen.

Has the function been moved again? Currently the bottom left is used for switching between 2d and 3d.

I can`t find any option to switch between the satellite and map view in 2d maps

Hi Brayan,

As I mentioned in the private message, I have opened the project myself and I could switch between map and satellite view. It is quite tricky to identify the problem behind this, as I could not replicate this issue.

Have you tried opening the project on another PC and see if the basemap can be displayed?
Have you experienced this issue with more projects?