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What is the impact of sensor size and Mega pixels?

I am wondering if there is a real advantage between a 10 MP camera and a 21 MP or a 36 MP camera both aerial photo acquisition.

I currently have the DJI Inspire camera but I am considering a Sony Alpha 7 or NEX7. (of course with another flying platform)


The pixel resolution can make the difference. Normally, the higher the pixel resolution, the better the quality of your images and the better the outputs you will get after processing.

The pixel resolution should be checked in relation with the pixel size (the pixel size should not be too small).

As a rule of thumb, a 21MP camera will take higher quality images than a 10MP camera, etc

Hope it helps!

I guess you really need to be conscious of the quality of the image produced by the sensor. For example, I owned a bebop with a 12mp camera. And there is not point of comparison between those 12mp pictures an the 12mp pictures from my inspire. Different sensors make a huge difference in the image.

I guess my question is, how much better or accurate is a reconstruction from a 36MP camera compared to the one of a good 12MP camera.