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what is the best drone to cover large area with pix4d

Hi i have to cover a 2sqkm dense forest area in only 2 flights maximum, what drone can i use for this use case… Can i fly for 2km long in a double grid in a single flight,  Please suggest me a drone.

Hello Developer XYZ

Maybe a similar mission, in a forest raw area 2km2:

Take a look at the video description.

The best.

Selection of the drone depends upon different factors. It depends on what you want to reconstruct, which results you want to obtain, how accurate, etc. There are several factors to consider to find the most suitable drone for your needs. If you intend to model a large area (for example 10 km sq.), a fixed-wing might be better than a copter since it can cover larger areas.  You need multiple batteries to cover 2 km sq area using the copter.  If it a corridor flight for 2 km long with single or double flight lines, then it can be covered with the copter as well.

For 3D object reconstruction (buildings for example), it is needed to fly around the object, and then a copter is better.
You may also consider the following factors: 

  • The legal aspects and restrictions of the country/state where you plan to fly. 
  • The impact of wind on the drone/UAV. 
  • How big the area you want to map is. 
  • If it is easy to take off and land in the area you want to map: Copters can take off and land vertically while fixed wings need more space. 
  • If you are interested in mosaics or 3D reconstruction. 
  • How easy it is to send and receive the drone/UAV in case that it needs reparations, etc. 
  • If the drone manufacturer provides training and gives support.

In general, copters are recommended for 3D modeling, e.g. of urban areas. 
Copters need less space for taking off and landing, but they can cover less area than fixed wings. 
In addition, they can fly around an object and fully capture it, making possible the 3D reconstruction of the object, for example, the facades of a building.
On the other hand, fixed wings are recommended for mapping applications of bigger areas, like fields for example. 
They need more space for taking off and landing, they can fly faster and cover bigger areas. 
A very good fixed wing that is perfectly compatible with Pix4Dmapper is eBee by Sensefly. 

You can also find the list of drones supported by Pix4Dcapture app in the link below.–Android-iOS-Which-drones-are-supported-by-Pix4Dcapture.

Hello IAC 

Flying Works looks good… but the Question is does it support pix4d .

The list which Kapil sent does not have your drone… i want to make sure before i request for a Quote

Hello Developer XYZ.

It does only support APM, no Pix4Dcapture.

Information gathered could be processed using Pix4Dmapper.

The best!