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I’m calculating volumes on a bunch of piles, and I’m using the “Traingulated” base surface setting. Is there any way to query the data on the individual vertices that make up the base? I’d like to see if there is a spike anywhere that might be causing inaccurate volumes. There are some bushes/trees around the base of one of the piles, and I want to make sure I didn’t pick a leaf/branch instead of the ground.

While I’m at it, why does the software lose the pile volume every time I close out of the software? When I get back in, I have to “Compute” again every time.

Also, after creating a couple of volumes, I lose the “Compute” button altogether, and have to close and re-open the software to get it back.

Hi Steve, 

To get information on the vertices, you can export the volume base surface as .shp files as shown in the screenshot: 

Then, you can check the information in third party software such as Global Mapper to verify the coordinates. 

The software was not designed to save the volume computation. I think that a reason for that could be that if anything changes in the model, e.g. you add a Manual Tie Point (MTP) or Ground Control Point (GCP), it would create the need to recompute the volumes, because the model itself changed.

Something you could do to save the volume computations is to use the copy to clipboard feature, so that you can save the results in a spreadsheet for example: 

Have you seen a pattern for when the “Compute” button disappears? I tried to reproduce it but could not. If you have some way to consistently reproduce it I can report it to our developers as a bug.