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Volume measurements and DSM view

When I use the volume measurement function, is there any possibility to do it on the DSM view? To me it would be easier to determine the base of the stockpile when DSM is presented. 

I don’ know if this will work for you but you can change the color of the PTS cloud under display properties of the actualy point cloud

 IE Spherical Points, Altitude (Red,Green,Blue)


This will then visually show the height difference in colors when doing volumes.

Thanks for the suggestion. Tried it, but it doesn’t have the same detail as DSM view :frowning:

Hi Anders, 

At the moment it is not possible to define the base surface of a volume directly on the DSM. Instead, vertices of the base surface can be selected in the Point Cloud, and marked in the images associated to each pixel, more here: 

We have transferred the suggestion, where it would be possible to define the base surface of a volume directly in the DSM to our Product Management team. 

Best regards

I agree with Andres and think it would be much easier to calculate vols using the DSM.