i work as a drone operator at a construction company. 

We map corridors to get up to date maps and 3d models for visualisation purpuses. What is your workflow to get from drone images to a 3d model ready for importing into LumenRT/Microstation? The .dxf .obj and .fbx files don’t really work well with Bentley software and Contextcapture is limited.

What export settings to use for big 3d maps (50km by 500m corridor) and how do you manipulate 3d models afterwards?

Pix4Dmapper desktop

Thank you in advance!

Hi Jerzy,


If by the 3D model you are referring to textured mesh here you can find all the formats available for this specific output. 

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with LumenRT/Microstation could you please give me more details on supported files?

As per the export settings, since your project is covering the area I would suggest a lower resolution so that exported outputs would be easier to manipulate. 

It would be hard to say the exact combination of processing options that would suit your project but I recommend you to give it a try and see which one is suitable for you. 

When downloading the software you will get a 15 days trial time when you can explore the software at its full capabilities without any restrictions :slight_smile:






LumenRT and Microstation use .3mx and .3sm files, but can also open .obj .fbx .dxf. We found the .obj and .fbx file to be low quality. Is there a way to make the .obj file higher resolution? It seems it goes up to 80MB no matter the project size. Optimally .dgn file would be great.

We have the Pix4D mapper monthly subsription, we get very nice orthomosaics, but want to expand the product’s use.



Hi Jerzy,

The mesh for a project of 50 km by 500 m is expected to have a very high resolution hence to be heavy. 

Referring to low quality there would be more things to discuss here: are you referring to geometry or texture or both of them?

If it is the texture than a higher texture resolution can be generated, but the question is if Microstation supports it. 

On the other hand, if it is the geometry, again this also can be improved but then this would lead to a much heavier file which requests more memory to generate.

Hope this gives you some answers :-).




I have OBJ files over 1GB…adjust custom mesh settings to bump up the max triangles.