View underlying source images by clicking on a point in a final 3D survey

Is there a way to access the underlying source images by clicking on a point or a region of a final 3D or even 2D map? I’m working with apple orchards, and having a 3D output would be nice, but I realize that it won’t be realistic, due to the complexity of the apple trees. If I could either click on a point, or draw a region, and have the source images be displayed, then the farmer could more clearly visually inspect the condition of those trees from whatever angles are available.

Hi Mark - If you upload your project to Pix4d cloud, that functionality is available with the “inspect” tool when you’re in 3D view 

You can try it out on my project here, if you’d like - Link








If you need something offline, you could use a program like Global Mapper 

With global mapper, you can drop your images in and turn them into point features, then export them out in a KMZ that is viewable in google earth. 











Thanks for the two options, and I really appreciate you sharing the link to your project!

I like the idea of using the Pix4D cloud, since it is an easy deliverable for my clients. I’ll have to experiment with how an apple orchard comes together as a 3D model. That will involve modifying my capture, since I’ll need both my current nadir images as well as a second pass with the camera set to an oblique angle, (I think a pitch of -70 degrees is what is considered optimal), right?

It’s also very well implemented, since clicking on a point in the 3D survey brings up thumbnails to the right pane of all images that include that point AND shows that point when you click on the larger versions. Very impressive.

When I click on the thumbnail, is it bringing up the full resolution original, or a lower resolution copy?