Video Fly through of 81 ha Water management facility

In the video below you will see a fly-through of an 81-hectare water management facility. 

Water is discharged into this containment pond for the use of milling underground ore.

I had the video timed so it would take you on an aerial view traveling at 10 meters per second.

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Hi Jason,

Thank you for sharing your project!
Impressive quality for such a large area.

Would you like to share with the community some characteristics of your project? (Drones used, How many flights, How many images, resolution, processing options setup, GCPs?)

Thank you,


This water management facility was completed in 2016. 

I used a Phantom 3 Advanced for this survey, with 4 batteries and a vehicle power converter so I could charge out in the field.

There was a total of 9 flights, with the drone flying 70 meters AGL (was going for max. visual quality) and 2024 pictures taken!

The day before was spent laying out GCP’s. There was a total of 41 GCP’s laid out and identified for this project.

        Quality was my number one priority. I wanted to be able to identify as many features as I could - each panel that was used to line the dam with, how many meters of cement curbing was used to seal the upstream toe of the dam… etc

This survey was one of many done of this facility. All of our contractor payouts came down to the use of drone surveys.

In the images below you will see the camera locations, the 3d textured mesh and then a close up of a random area.

Everything looks crisp and clean - which was import due to costing methodologies.

I was very happy with the results.