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Vertical Inacuracy

Hi Guys

Can you advise as to what the Altitude of the 70+ m range relates to on the Image Properties Table below please? The Pix4D default coord system is WGS84 / EGM96. My drone is an Inspire 2 standard precision SUA. Not sure if the Altitude is barometric height of the flight (flight elevation was set to 60m in Pix4D Capture) or actual EGM96 geoid height.

Thanks, Malcolm

Hi Malcolm,

The value in the “Altitude [m]” column is detected in the EXIF of the images and, in most cases, present the absolute altitude (e.g. above EGM96) and not the height of the flight above the take-off point.

However, we noticed some issues with DJI geotags that do not always represent the correct values. I would recommend checking the DJI geotags problem community post for more information and workarounds.