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Vertical Exaggeration

Please take a look at the attached report generated from Pix4d Mapper. We are a construction company and use a parrot anafi drone along with pix4d software to help track our progress on our construction sites. Here recently I have flown a particular project and each time after uploading the images from pix4dcapture to pix4d mapper then processing them in step 1 on pix4dmapper the results of the topograhpy are vertically skewed. For example I have a known area where I know the difference in elevation is approx. 12 feet. In pix4dmapper is approx. 80-100 feet. This stays this way even after having a small GCP error. I dont know if have changed a certain setting on pix4dmapper, drone, drone camera, pix4dcatpture to cause this error. I used to have 0 issues and now seems to be consistently vertically skewed not matter how different my approach is. Please see the attached report and help guide me to the right steps. I tried following the instructions after receiving a red exclamation point under camera optimization . I changed the parameters as instructed and did not help any.project name_report.pdf (1.7 MB)

Hi @mhill,

Thanks for providing details and sharing the quality report.
I had a look at the report and the camera optimization was completely wrong for some reason. This could explain why the results are not correct.

Can you try the All Prior calibration option? This should fix the issue.