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Vertical Coordinate System

Good afternoon, I wonder, what if I replace one of the .tif files that are found in “C:\Program Files\Pix4Dmapper\resources\geoids”, with one provided by my country’s national geographic institute, will pix4d mapper read it?
For example, from the national geographic institute I will download a .tif file for the geoid we use here, rename it to “egm96-15.tif” and replace the one in the folder above mentioned, when using pix4d mapper and selecting EGM 96 Geoid, either in output coordinate system or image geolocation, will I be using the geoid I downloaded from NGI’s web page?


this has never been tested by our team and I am not sure it will work. Pix4Dmapper is designed to work with the following 3 geoids:

It is an interesting approach but, unfortunately, we cannot provide further support to this test.
I suggest you do not change the original installation files. In case you already tested it, you can uninstall and install again Pix4Dmapper to get the original files.

Have a great day!

Buenas tardes, si yo reemplazo uno de los archivos .tif, que se encuentran en “C:\Program Files\Pix4Dmapper\resources\geoids”, por uno con el geoide que me provee el instituto geográfico de mi país, pix4d mapper lo va a leer?
Por ejemplo, de la web del IGN yo descargo el archivo .tif del geoide que se usa acá, lo renombro a “egm96-15.tif” y lo pego en la carpeta anteriormente mecionada reemplazando el original, cuando en pix4d mapper seleccione el geoide EGM 96, ya sea en el sistema de coordenadas de salida o sistema de coordenadas de las imágenes, voy a estar utilizando el geoide descargado de la web?