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Using the PIX4D LAS output in other ( free ) software

I have the task to give the LAS-file, as result of my Pix4D work, to some clients who want to view the data or even masure themselve single points or areas in the LAS file. As free available software to share these results I use the Fugro viewer which is free available and can hold large datasets. I can measure Points of intrest (POI) or areas of intrest (AOI) and export them to SHP-files. If they need a coordinate listing of the measured points they may use the free available “Shape Viewer” to export the ground coordinates of the SHP-File generated by the Furgo Viewer.

Hello Ultich,

Thank you very much for sharing this information with the community!

Additionally, to display .las and .laz files you can as well use:

With the full versions of Quick Terrain (Quick Terrain Modeler) and the full version of Global Mapper it is possible to export to .shp.


This is good to know! It would be nice if Discovery could give these options (just to measure some distances, areas and export points of interest). But then, I suppose it would not for be free :wink:

Hi Penny,

With the Discovery version of Pix4Dmapper you can generate the point cloud and the 3D mesh and create nice fly-through videos. But indeed you cannot measure distance or volumes. This table gives you a comparison of our different products:

The Discovery allows you to have first experience with Pix4Dmapper. If you want to test the software further and to produce some outputs and measure distances you can also request a free trial of Pix4Dmapper.