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Use Processing Area to subdivide project

Can you use the processing area feature to subdivide a project into parts?  The photos I processed do overlap but after running Step 1, the initial result is three separate areas that processed nicely.  I would like to split them into three separate sub-projects and then merge them with additional sub-projects I already have.  I am afraid that if I attempt to merge this project as is, that it will be a waste of time, as the three pieces really do connect but placing MTPs and re-optimizing within this project have not helped to bring the three areas together.

Or, is there another way to split these without having to manually figure out which photos were used to create each of the three areas and then starting over with creating sub-projects and running Step 1 again for each of the three areas?

Thank you.


I made a copy of the original project I would like to subdivide and am trying to reoptimize after creating a processing area surrounding one of the areas (see inserted image - it shows an orthoplane, but i created a processing area instead.)  If this works, I will create a few more copies of the project in which to define the other two processing areas  to reoptimize them separately.

Part of the issue here is that this is an indoor project, where sometimes I had GPS and sometimes not. I am processing with arbitrary feet for MTPs and output coordinate system, while using the default WGS84 meters for all inputs.

Hey Susan, 

This is a very interesting question! You can use the processing area to “split” your project. Since you would like to have three different projects and since you can only use one processing area at the time, then you can use one processing area at a time (each time at the area of your interest) and use the function  save project as… 

You do not need to reoptimize because the processing area does not affect the results of step 1. Initial Processing. You can simply run Step 2. directly. You will find more information about the processing area here

As a side note, please be cautious when merging the sub-projects above, especially if you do not have common areas in-between.