Use of multiple drones

Is it possible to simultaneously process data taken by multiple drones and photo data in one place? There are several camera models.

Yes, Matic supports processing multiple drones in a single dataset. I would suggest adding tie points.

How many drones did you support on a single dating set? Is it possible to process all unsupported camera models by adding a parameter file?

Unfortunately PIX4Dmatic does not off the same camera parameter file like PIX4Dfields or PIX4Dmatic. So the cameras need to be in the database. As for number of drones in a single dataset, I do not believe many users would have a need beyond two, maybe three. If you have a need for more then please let us know and we can investigate further.

Korea Land Information Corporation.
As a large-scale digitalization project of the Korean terrain, it is filmed with various drones.
It is being used with more than 5 drones.

An error occurred in Matic, and we have contacted you.
No processing method when using more than 5 drones?

2022년 3월 22일 (화) 오전 4:56, Mike Krois via Pix4D Community <>님이 작성:

As long as the Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) for your different camera models is roughly the same, and if there is a good overlap between the different datasets, it should be possible to process multiple sets of images from different acquisitions in the same project.

Can you please share which error you encountered?
Maybe you have a screenshot of how the project looks like once you imported all the images?
Would processing the different datasets in separate projects be an option too?