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Processing flights from different dates (time series data processing)

We have flown the same area on multiple dates to look at changes in vegetation. 

What is the best way to process these data so the different flights are aligned well? 

If we put all the photos from all the flight dates into the initial processing step together, they might have the best chance of being aligned and registered well. But then we would only want to use photos from one flight at a time to make reflectance maps… this seems a bit awkward. 

This seems like a pretty standard thing to want to do, so is there a standard way to do this that I just haven’t found yet?



Hi Jonathan,

I would suggest that you define a reference project from which you would extract MTPs as GCPs, and that you would then import into the other projects as GCPs. This article (section If there are no common GCPs present in the different projects) will guide you:

Hope this helps!