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Unable to Connect to DJI Mavic Air 2

I’ve searched the community site for info without success. I see in settings that the Mavic Air is supported but do not see the Mavic Air 2. Is this why I am unable to connect my Mavic Air 2 to Pix4Dcapture? … or am I missing something? Thanks and regards …

They have said in other threads there are no plans to include support for the Air 2 or 2s. I’m assuming they’re done updating this app which is a shame.

Thanks, “W,” for your feedback. I clearly did not do thorough research.
What a shame … I’ve been flying DJI drones for 7 years … even have briefly assisted their marketing department in some web editing and had contact there for several years while they were developing their Ronin camera stabilizers. (I kept an office in Hong Kong for many years.)
I’ve either sold or crashed my other DJI drones and only have two Mavic Air 2’s … and love them.
A pity Pix4d is not supporting the Air 2 series … I had great hopes for them. Their Pix4Dcapture app is certainly (IMHO) a primary marketing tool to generate serious, major customers. C’est la guerre.