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True Vertical Measurements

It would be helpful to have a way to measure a TRUE VERTICAL height in 3D As opposed to to current 2D/3D distance which takes into consideration the deviations of the points. (blue hypotenuse below)

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Hi Cesar,

Did you had the chance to look at this video? 

Does it address your questions?



Hi Ina, no, it does not. I am familiar with the process. Not quite what I am suggesting.
If have the orange item in a pix4d project, the 3D measurement will take into account any shift between the two points in the XY plane. The I would never be able to measure the height of an item such as the orange item I presented in pix4d.

Hi Cesar,

My bad, I thought you are looking for the 3D length.

To measure the height there are 2 ways:

  1. Z value of the base - Z value of the top

  2. Using Pythagorean theorem where 3D length is the hypotenuse and 2D length cathetus. For this, you need to make sure that the polylines are accurately marked on the photos so that you could take the error is consideration :slight_smile:


Hope it helps,


Hi Ina, sure that helps. - but the last thing I want is for my staff to introduce error by them doing math.
please consider this as new feature request.

I second this notion of an additional “Z axis” measurement in the Properties window.  And it might be even better to list all 3, X,Y,Z, but Z is by far the most needed.

I don’t worry about error doing the math from the MTPs but when there are hundreds of MTPs and Polylines then it is just a time sink when Pix4D could easily display the more projected 2D measurements.


I agree with suggestions: the new feature requested by others is very very important so don’t have to compare the Z1 and Z2 to acquire the height. Regards.

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any updates on this? I seem to need this again today.

Hi all,

I have transferred this as a suggestion to the product management team so they can study it and see for future releases.

Happy Holidays Everyone!! 🎅


You too Ina. Thank you 

Guys, here I have perfect example of how and why we need vertical and measurement tool.
Better yes, I took this dimension on site but I have not way that I can think of to input it as a scale constraint. I would have had to identify a point on the bottom of the beam and on the floor with some sort of target so I can pick them in the photos I guess…