Time to retire the P4P. Where should I go next?

Is time for me to retire my old Phantom 4 Pro. In the DJI world, what do you think might be the best option for gathering the most trouble free images, while keeping cost within reason? The P4P was bulletproof. I’m looking for that kind of bulletproof performance and reasonable cost in a newer model drone. Thanks.

Take a look at the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise.


Do you have any first hand experience with this drone? I had been looking at Mavic 3 previously.


No I don’t, sorry. I purchased a WingtraOne after my Phantom 4 Pro.

Oh, thanks for getting back to me. my research seems to indicate the Mavic 3 Enterprise really is a good choice for mapping which is my primary purpose in flying. Thanks, again!

I have a Mavic 3 Pro and despite taking good pictures and having good flight range for work, I have two reservations about it:

  1. There is no software for it to fly by itself and capture the photos.
  2. You will not be able to easily adapt an NDVI camera in the future.

Of course, the cost benefit of other models ended up directing me to this choice in the past and I imagined that as there was support for the Mavic 2 to perform autonomous flight I imagined that it would be a matter of time until it had support for the new Mavic 3 but apparently I was wrong.
I hope I helped you with your choice.

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Hi @Allen_Johnson,

Thank you for opening a thread in the Pix4D Community.

Note that I can’t suggest a specific brand or model. However, just remember that the model of the drone and the sensor to choose will highly depend on the goal you want to achieve with it.

PIX4Dmapper can support virtually any camera as long as it contains all the needed XMP/EXIF tags:

In addition, here is a list of drone support divided by product.

Thank You!

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Mavic 3E is the perfect alternative to P4P

Yes, I believe you are correct. However, until the Mavic 3E is compatible with Pix4D Capture, I will wait.