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Tile Colour change and merging tiles

I have processed my projects without the option to merge tiles in the orthomosaic. I have noticed there is a colour difference between tiles, as if one tile has a different hue than other. I have merged a few tiles in projects and the resulting large tiff does not have colour change across different tiles, the colour is constant.

Is there a way to use pix4D to only merge the final tiles and have it correct the colour to produce this large tiff without having to re-run step 3 because I already have the individual tiles. I am trying to save time.



When the tiles are opened in an external software, please make sure that the same normalization scale is used for all the tiles. 
To better understand if there is a problem with the orthomosaic generated by Pix4D Desktop, it is recommended to open it in the Mosaic Editor and check how it looks like.

Please keep in mind that the orthomosaic generated by Pix4D Desktop is color balanced in order to improve the illumination differences. No color balancing is applied to the individual tiles though.
To merge the tiles that have been already generated you need to reprocess step 3.