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Super Computer


If you had a budget of 20k for a computer to run PIX4D… What specifications would you use to run it and process jobs as fast as possible…?

many thanks in advance


Hello Simon,

What kind of projects do you have?
number of images
pixel resolution of your images

Also, what are the outputs you are interested in:
point clouds
3D mesh

This kind of information can help us and other users of our Community better understand your needs.

Here you can find our suggestions:

Hi Christina,

We process regularly 12 missions per day with 250 photos per mission.

We process mostly on ¼ page initially and then ¼ page to produce point cloud 3 matches and fast…

And orthophoto on 10cm/pixel

I work for a coal mine in Australia, and they really want us to process these jobs as fast as possible… to get the Pit model updated for design work.

So not sure if it needs an awesome Graphics card or is it the CPU or both….

Any info you can give me in regards to this would be very much appreciated… As you can see I have a good budget for a really good computer.

Many thanks

Simon Jay

Hi Simon. The best information currently available is on the Puget Systems website linked in the Hardware and Pix4D article. Have you reviewed those articles?