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Suggestion about new workstation (I9 CPU)

Hi, I need to update my workstation and the seller suggest me to install the new intell’s CPU I9, Is it a good choice? Is it better XEON CPU? Usually I process 500 images more or less.


Hi Gianluca. The i9 series have performed the best relative to other intel and AMD CPUs. Puget Systems has a good comparison article that I will link to below. Just because the i9 performs better does not mean that you need to use, however. You should consider other things like budget and workflow requirements. 500 images is not very big and a high-end i9 may be overkill. 

 Within the i9 series, the higher end the model the better the performance. But there are diminishing returns in terms of the marginal value added for the higher end models. The best value is at the mid-tier models but if you want to squeeze as much as you can out of the CPU then the highest end models do perform a bit better.

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