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Stiching of CIR images without GPS


Jan Lehmann Today at 13:10


I have around 180 Color Infrared (CIR) Images from a flight campaign in Brasil. The images are without any GPS information, so the images need to be stiched based on single point information in every image. There were no fixed flight route used, resulting in different overlapping of flightlines and images. I would like to know, what is the best setup to create a Orthophoto with such a image data? I just tried by standard setup, but only 6 images have been sucessfully stiched. There are enought overlapping images of the AOI, but the program seems to fail without any GPS information…

Best regards,
Jan Lehmann

Dear Jan,

We would recommend creating a project with all the images and use the free flight/terrestrial option for processing. See

If the overlap between pictures is inconsistent, it is to be expected that the quality of the reconstruction will also vary.

Best regards,