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Step 1 - Ray Cloud tiny compared to flight area

We have processed step one of a job, no GCPs tagged at this point, and the resulting ray cloud was tiny compared to the flight area. The image geolocation details appear correct as the map locations is correct. Any thoughts on what may have caused this, hasn’t happened before.



Hi Jed,

Could you give us more information about the drone and camera you are using? It could happen that a wrong camera model was selected for processing. 

You can post a screenshot of Internal Camera Parameters section from the quality report here and we will see if this is the case. 


We have reprocessed the job after adding GCP’s and optimizing the camera settings using  Load Optimized Parameters and the job has now sorted itself out. 

The camera model as it comes up in Pix4d is “ILCE-5100_0.0_6000*4000”. This is a Sony camera, but we have upgraded the lens so it is a non-standard one. We have not created a specific camera in the database, currently rely on camera optimization, but this is something I will get done soon.

If you use a lens that is not included in our database we recommend to perform camera calibration.

More here: How to calibrate a Perspective Lens Camera