Smoothen Contour lines

As of now, contours generated are with out labelling. It needs a workaround of using field calculator to add labels from QGIS. Instead of this, can pix4d add labelling so i can export them. Also, most real estate clients ask me to smoothen the contours like they do i civil 3D. Can pix4d give us an option to add & export smoothened contours as an option.

Hi @rayavarapunani,

Thank you for your valuable feedback.

Please add your comments and vote in the following thread for what it concerns the labels:

I’m removing the mention of the labeling from the thread title, so that other users can use this thread to vote for contour lines smoothen and the other thread for labeling.

Regarding the smoothness, I understand your concerns, and I’m sharing the information with the product team.
Even though we cannot guarantee that a solution will be implemented, I can assure you that every piece of feedback is internally evaluated at Pix4D.

Apart from smoothing contour lines. Can an option to edit the tin be implemented? Maybe swap edges, add or delete point

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hi @xzamora

For a new feature request, please open a new thread here:


I highly second what Ray asked and his recommendation for Pix4D Survey to label the contours. It would come in very handy since I rather not take the output from Survey to another utility just to add the contour dimensions. ALSO the contour smoothing will be an important addition to Survey. RockRobotic recently added that feature to their cloud solution and it is amazing. I am hoping Pix4D will soon have that feature as well added to Survey.