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How to display Contour Line in Pix4D


Is it possible to display generated contour line within Pix4D? and how?


Hi Burin,

I have already asked pix4d about it. Currently, pix4d software does not display the contour lines. They told me that this is something that they want to add in future versions of the the software.

I use Global Mapper to visualize my contour lines.


Hi Marc,

Thank you very much for your reply. I hope this feature will come with the sooner updates.


Has anyone had any luck viewing contour lines in Pix4D?  I’ve selected them as an Additional Output prior to processing, and ran “Generate Contour Lines” under the Process tab.  But I cannot see how to actually view the contour lines either by themselves, or preferably as an overlay to the mosaic.  Anyone have any luck here?


Has there been any updates to the question above? being able to view contours over the ortho so that you can see if the program is generating the contours correctly. Or what areas may need to be edited.


Hi all,

It is not in the plan to integrate an option to display the contour lines in Pix4D Desktop.
However, we reported your need to our product manager who will review it for future development of the software. The more users ask for it, the more chances to be implemented. At the moment, this is unfortunately still low priority.


I am very i terested in seeing contours in Pix4D, also having the option to view the mesh as wireframe, and to see the gridded model as a wireframe.

It will be nice to have the option of viewing contour lines on Pix4D. However, my guess is that these contour lines will only be an indication in most cases. For accurate contours, survey principles has to be adhered to.

As someone who is using pix4d to generate construction plans, I would like to add to the list of people who would like to view the contours within the program.  Sure I can open cad up and import the dxf and then determine whether I can work with the contours as generated, and if not, then have to get back into pix4d and reprocess things.

It would be a lot easier and friendlier.  It shouldn’t be a hard code, they are just polylines.

Another thing that I would like to have, is the ability to create the polylines to specific layers.  When I am doing as built plans or generating existing information to design to, it would be nice to be able to import the polylines on specific layers to streamline my cad workflow.



I have moved this post to the  Product feedback topic of the community, as it seems to belong there. Please continue sharing your feedback about the needs to improve your workflows, it is appreciated!