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Sloping cameras

Hi everybody,


If I have a project with sloping cameras, should I disable them? When I mark the GCP on these images, the green cross appears very separated from its true position. So I don’t know if I’ve better disable this cameras or just don’t mark the GCP on this images.



Thank you for your feedback

Hi Michel,

If the green cross indicates the  wrong GCP positionMark the GCPs on more images. Every time the GCP is marked on a new image, the green cross gets closer to the correct place. When the green cross is at the correct position in most images, click  Apply. Then Reoptimize to see if you get better results.

Have you process step 2 and 3? What is the error you get for GCPs in the Quality Report?

Tip: Clicking the space bar while looking at an image for marking will open the image at the full screen size. It makes marking easier and more accurate.

Hope this will help you,

Kind regards,

Thanks Marco!