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Deleting mark in GCP marking

In the GCP marking tool I have an image where a power line is going directly over the GCP and there is a green cross projected onto the image. How do I delete this image or mark so that it is not using the power line elevation?

Hi Dustin,

The green cross is not taken into account for processing and it will not influence the results. The software will only take into account the  yellow crosses and circles.

The green cross represents the estimated position of where the GCP should be marked and it appears once the GCP is marked on at least 2 images (yellow cross).

More information in the How to mark GCPs in the rayCloud article.


Hi Blaz.

But let’s say that I have placed a mark on an image and I would to remove it. Is that possible. I am struggling to find a way to do that.

I was not clear in the first reply. It is possible to delete the mark on the image by hovering over the image and pressing Delete as shown in the screenshot: