Single Point Measurements: More reliable accuracy in points list and export

Currently the points list shows rather theoretical accuracies (H and V) of mostly 0.010 m, even if conditions (HDOP and VDOP) were not optimal, during measurement. From my point of view, this pretends to be a misleading, far too high accuracy.

If true/reliable accuracies cannot be provided, I suggest to use HDOP and VDOP instead. Like that one has the ability to later determine how reliable a single point has actually been captured.

In addition to HDOP and VDOP, it would also be very useful to see the RTK status (e.g. “RTK fixed”) not only in the data acquisition, but also in the list of points and in the CSV export.

It actually happened to me that a point was measured without FIX because it was overlooked and later it was hardly possible to determine this from the list of points. Only a look at the NME logs brought this to light.

Hi pixmap_operations

Thank you for this feedback.

I would recommend applying your vote to this request, as it is a good one.