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Select the units to use for measurements (m²,km² ha)

There should also be the ability for users to set/adjust the units of measurement ie; hectares for area

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Dear Katherine,

Thanks for your inputs; it is very valuable. I have shared this feedback with the team.
At the moment, in Pix4Dreact, you will see m² until 999,999.9999 m² and km² above that; we were thinking that we could show hectares between 10,000m² and 1km². Would this already help you?

Or would you still prefer one of the following?

  1. Showing multiple units at the same time?
  2. Having the option to change the units? (as suggested initially)

We will be delighted to know your opinion on this.

Looking forward to your reply,


Hi Fernanda,
The feedback we have from our RPAS pilots/first responders (firefighters) is they should be able to decide and set the units for the mission ie; they can decide whether the measurements should be in metres square, kilometres or hectares regardless of size.
Having multiple units displayed for measured values could work also as long as screen real estate is not compromised.

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Yes definitely user’s ability to determine what units (m2/km sq/hectares) the values should be displayed in rather than anything coded in and pre-determined for them. Values displayed in different units could be beneficial.

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Hey, @bfosouth and @katherine.tuinman-ne

Such great feedback, very much appreciated. I passed the information to the developers and the product team, so we can work on this. The feature is not yet in the roadmap, but the team is informed and understands the importance of the feature so I think will be a matter of time to have it on the application :smiley:.

Again, thanks for the inputs