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Scouting app


I’m wondering if anybody has any suggestions on suitable iPhone apps to load and scout the index maps generated by Pix4D.  I’m hoping for something of modest price that doesn’t require an ongoing subscription.  

I’m aware that QGIS has an Android app, which is unstable and unreliable, but no iPhone version. Global Mapper has a good iPhone app, but it relies on its desktop version to generate the correct file format for its app, and the desktop is an expensive prospect to use for this sort of file conversion. There are also various farming apps, but all seem to require an account with ongoing subscription fees which are far from modest.

If anybody can make any suggestions, that would be great.

Aloha Derek,
Have you tried Avenza Maps? It is a program that allows you to load a Geo PDF on iOS or Android mobile devices. I use the GeoTIff file to create the desired map in ArcGIS desktop and then save it as a geopdf. I hope this is of some help.

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Hi Aaron,


Many thanks for the suggestion.  I have had a little fiddle with Avenza Maps, and it seems to do the job.


Many thanks,