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Run only a substep

I’ve seen in process that there are some substeps that can be done after porcessing the step1, 2 or 3…

My question is: I have a DSM files done but during the orthomosaic I ran out of space!!!

Can I run the substep orthomosaic withous running again the dsm and dtm generation that are already done?



As you mentioned, it is possible to run some substeps without rerunning the whole processing Step 1, Step 2, or Step 3. For example, in the Menu > Process you can run only the generation of 3D textured mesh or only generate Conture lines without reruning the whole step.

However, in Step 3 you cannot only run the generation of the orthomosaic. When Step 3 is run the existing results are removed and both DSM and orthomosaic are regenerated.

What you could try to speed up the processing is to introduce a processing area or to reduce the resolution of the orthomosaic.

Hope this helps,