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Generate DSM without Re-Running Step 3

I have generated an orthomosaic of a 600-acre area and now need to generate the DSM. I can see all of the tiles for the DSM in the 3_dsm_ortho\1_dsm\tiles folder. Is Mapper able to stitch the tiles together without re-running Step 3 (which takes quite a while)?

You can generate DTM and contour lines by clicking “Process” (see image 1); however, it is required to process step 3 to generate DSM. You can unselect boxes for orthomosaic generation and other options to process it faster (Image 2).

Image 1

Image 2

Kind regards,

Thank you Yuka.

That’s what I thought I would have to do since I didn’t see any other way. I just saw that the DSM tiles were already created and was hoping there was a way to stitch them into one without re-running step 3.