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Ortho&DSM Question

Does the DSM & Ortho pull from step two point cloud and mesh. I ask Because I have skipped step 2 and only done 1&3 and my DSM and Ortho look Better than done with step two.

Some Software’s give you the option to make DSM from dense clouds or mesh and give you option to build ortho from DSM or mesh but Im not sure how pix4d produces DSMs or Orthos ?

Hello Travis,

The DSM and the orthomosaic can be generated either after step 2 or after step 1. The DSM is generated based on the point cloud. In case that step 2 has been processed the input for the DSM is the densified point cloud that is generated after this step. Otherwise the Automatic Tie Points (ATPs) generated during the calibration process are used as an input for the DSM. The ATPs have usually less information than the densified point cloud and therefore for a correctly reconstructed project the DSM based on the densified point cloud is more accurate and complete. However, in case of a project with a lot of noise the DSM resulted from the ATPs might be more accurate. The orthomosaic is always generated using the 2.5D DSM.