RTH with high battery level

Hello everyone.

I have a problem with Pix4D Capture. I need to do a surface flight and it’s going to take several batteries to do it. I load the mission, it tells me that I will need more than one, it’s perfect, it starts but the drone returns to me when it has 40-50% charge left. I’ve been looking, and I haven’t seen anything where I can disable RTH in Pix4D. I need the drone to do an RTH, when managed by the drone itself (in this case a Matrice 600 with DJI Go). Is there a way to prevent it from doing an RTH when it still has 40% battery left? Thank you very much.

Hello @ricardo.jimenez , and welcome to the Pix4D Community!

Regarding your questions, there could be two reasons why your drone is performing a RTH even with more than 40% of the battery:

  • Since there is no option to set the RTH low battery limit on PIX4Dcapture, this should be modified in the DJI vendor app, and in your case, the DJI Go app.

  • Another reason could be that the flight plan is hitting the maximum 99 waypoints limit that PIX4Dcapture allows being loaded per mission. In this case, the drone would automatically RTH and the mission should be simply be paused and resumed to load another set of waypoints.

Hope this information helps!

Thank you, and have a great day! :grin:

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Hello Gustavo. Thank you very much for the information. Obviously it is because it is limited to 99 waypoints. It’s a shame, but I’ll have to opt for other alternatives. It is not feasible that in the middle of the mission, having a battery, the drone returns, and having to launch the mission again to return to the point it left off. The cost in battery of these two journeys are very valuable. Unless when he returns to waypoint 99, he is given to pause, activate Resume and continue with the mission.

Hello again @ricardo.jimenez ,

Just a bit of info on the 99 waypoints limit; The 99 waypoints limit is an SDK restriction, meaning it is the same for all third-party apps. On PIX4Dcapture, just as you mentioned, you don’t need to wait for the drone to come back to start your next flight.

As soon as the RTH is triggered, it can be interrupted from PIX4Dcapture or the remote controller itself, so the mission can be resumed without battery cost.

Hope that little tip helps you finish your missions :grin:

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Thank you very much Gustavo for the prompt response. I will try this option when I get to waypoint 99 of Pause and then Resume…