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RGBIR images display as greyscale

I’m trying to orthorectify photos taken with a Vexcel UltraCam Falcon M2 camera (fixed wing, not UAS). It collects RGBIR photos.
The photos don’t have EXIF files, but Pix4D associated them with the UltraCamFalconMark2f100_0.0_11310x17310 camera model, which has the same geometric properties. It shows the bands as “unknown”. I edited the bands and saved the camera model under a different name. I assigned RGBIR to the bands.
When I import the control and go to the Basic Editor to measure control points, the photos display as greyscale.
How do I get the photos to display as RGB?

Hello @akhillyer, the image in the Basic Editor should be the same as the raw composite image, you can’t change it to an RGB image just to view it for marking purposes.

Thanks for the response.
To be clear, the raw images are RGBIR. Pix4D renders them in greyscale, which makes it harder to mark control points and edit the mosaic. My goal is to create an RGBIR ortho.
Anyway, I worked through the project and exported the finished orthomosaic. When I open it in ArcPro, it is RGBIR.