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Rectangular area mesurement

There should be a solution to short produce a rectangular area mesurement, with the possibility to produce a marker with area, lenght and width. E.G. for fast marking of buildings with just marking top,left and bottom, right point and press check-symbol.

Dear Thomas,

Thanks for the feature request. Could you please give us more details of how you would like to have the measurement tool?

Currently, there is a tool to measure areas, and you can get the area of the marker.

Kind regards,

With a rectangular Tool, you could get Area, Length and Width in one simple measurement process, meanwhile polytools can only give you a polylength or an area. If you measure e.g. a Building or a parking space for emergency vehicles, you need the space as area, but without knowing the length an width you do not know if the actual vehicle can park there.
So it would be nice if we could place a marker with Area, Length and Width in one step.

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Thanks for the clarification, Thomas.

I am sharing this with the team.

Kind regards,

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