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Recommendations to map 150 acre neiborghbood



I need to map a 150 acre residential neighborhood using a Phantom 3 Professional. I believe I have two options:

  1. Create separate projects in Pix4D (of about 250 pictures each) and later find a way to tie them together, or
  2. Take all the photos (probably more than 5000) and then generate a 3D mesh from all of these? I would not be able to take all the pictures on a single day, which could create problems.

If the answer is 1., how can I tie different projects together? I was thinking of creating a KML of each file and opening all at the same time in Google Earth to visualize the entire neighborhood.

Thank you for your time




I would personally complete it all in one day, but if you can not I would processing each day I take as a separate project. You can use the final KML as a ortho would be to big to open (or would have an insane amount of tiles to open)

You will need to create Manual Tie points in 1 project and identify the same ones in another so you can merge them. 

That would be your easiest option. Unless you have a lot of batteries to be able to conclude the project in 1 day