Receipt / Invoice of my Purchase


Is there an easy way to get a receipt or invoice for my purchase?
I work for a company and used my corporate credit card, which now is pending proof of purchase.
There is no easy access to my purchases on the profile page which is awkward. This could be easily accessible and makes me wonder why is not a feature.

Please, contact me ASAP (already sent a request to the sales support and didn’t get a reply). I need to prove my purchase or the costs will be deducted from my salary.


Hi gesmar.junior,
Can you please submit a support ticket at At the bottom click on Get Support. We will forward this to sales.

Sent again.

I’m dealing with the same issue. The Pix4D website is truly a work of creative insanity to navigate.

Same issue here. A receipt wasn’t emailed to us and I cant see on our online account how to access the receipt.

Hi all,

Could you please send us a support ticket via this link

Please click “Get Support” at the bottom of the page and fill out the form.

We will help you from there. Thank you all very much for letting us know the need for this feature as well.

Rosana (she/her)