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Quickest Way To Generate 2D Map

Hi Everyone,

I am using Pix4D mapper Discovery and wondering what would be the best way to generate a high res 2D map of an area?  I really have no need for the 3D mapping.  I am just doing this to create a map to have printed and put on the wall for fun.

I think I might have just answered my own question.  I was only able to export a high res with the Pro edition (Trial).  Is there anyway to do this in the Discovery (Free Edition).  I am just doing it for fun, definitely not work $400 to me.  I would be willing to pay something for the ability to make 2D maps, but as a hobbies there is no way I can afford $400 per month :slight_smile: lol


Maybe since I am a good beta tester I could get a licence :slight_smile:

Dear Zach, 

The outputs of the Discovery version are indeed limited. You can find more information about this here

Glad you could make it work for your uses.

Best regards,