Questions with topography

Hi there guys, any help you have would be greatly appreciated.
My close family friend and I have recently started a business in the drone topography field as he is a current owner of a dirt construction company.

Currently we are having difficulty with figuring out what is the right process in creating a good model to have contour lines on the model to give to clients or for personal use inside the company. We need help on the best way of implementing GCP’s arbitrary or accurate does not matter. Preferably with clients we want to go with accurate elevations and not arbitrary. Right now we have been processing step 1, implementing GCP’s and then reoptimizing and processing step 2 and three. Problem is, is that the model is lost and the elevation points go crazy and not what we were trying to do at all. We need help on setting the coordinates for the model instead of using the drone’s coordinates and elevation as well.

If you have any advice or instruction to help us succeed, we will be greatly in debt to you in hopes of our success.

Best Regards,
Remote PIC

I see you are located in Texas. In case you aren’t aware, in Texas, as in almost every state in the US, you must be a registered professional land surveyor or possibly an engineer to offer topographic mapping services to the public. If you offer these types of services to the public and aren’t a licensed surveyor, you will likely be in violation of state law. I’m Texas licensed engineers can also offer these services for engineering projects. Otherwise I advise you to partner with a licensed surveyor before you advertise topographic mapping services to the public.


@3flightservices, we can give you some advice on accurate reconstruction focused on contour lines extraction. Please submit a ticket to Support Team and send us the following files of your project:

▸ The quality report (.pdf format): …\project_name\1_initial\report\project_name_report.pdf
▸ The project log file (text file): …\project_name\project_name.log
▸ The project file (.p4d): …\project_name.p4d