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Question from a client in regards to DAT/EMs Summit EV or Leica's Socet Set for stereo viewing.

  1. We want the individual digital frames and the individual orthophoto files. It is hoped that their orientations for 3rd party orthophoto software can be sent here as well. Hopefully this is not an issue.
  2. I need to know if your software can export orientation project folder setups such as in DAT\EM’s Summit EV or Leica’s Socet Set for stereo viewing. If not, can your processing export out XYZ, omega, phi, kappa and camera definition files? In other words, we want the capability to set up individual frames for stereo photogrammetric CAD mapping. Please advise.

Hello Christopher,
this is not directly an answer to your question but to the exchange of orientation data with softcopy photogrammetric software to measure additional structures in a stereoscopic model. The Orbit Stereoviewer ( should be able (in the near future) to import Pix4D orientation data. Let’s see on the Intergeo 2015 in Stuttgart if this comes true. This would be a cool workflow to come from the Pix4D processing seamless into 3D stereoplotting.

Hi all,

The X,Y,Z, omega, phi, kappa (exterior orientation) and camera definition (interior orientation) files that Pix4Dmapper calculates can be found in the output folder …\project_name\1_initial\params. For more information:

There should be no problem in using our outputs in any traditional photogrammetric software given that you know how each software defines these parameters. For example, you should know how each software defines the image coordinate system. Here you can find more information about how Pix4Dmapper defines the image coordinate system:
Currently, we do not export the individual orthophoto files. I have added this idea to our Suggestion list. Our Product Development team will consider it for future version of the software.

Best regards,