How to import orientation into Pix4dMapper project

Hello. I’m working with EuroSDR data and I would like to compare Pix4D results with my own dense stereo matching. Is it possible to load external orientation in *.ori, *.pat or *.dat ASCII file formats to build dense stereo?

Hi Mikhail,

Currently, you can not import the exterior orientation through a *.ori, *.pat or *.dat ASCII file. You can import X,Y,Z, omega, phi, kappa or Lat,Long, Alt, omega, phi, kappa through the image geolocation file:


Please keep in mind that Pix4Dmapper does not need this information for processing. It is, indeed, good to import the position of the cameras as this speeds up the processing, but you will not notice any significant difference importing the orientation. In any case, Pix4Dmapper will calculate/optimize the position and orientation.

If you do not want Pix4Dmapper to optimize the position and orientation of the images, you should select the " Accurate Geolocation and Orientation" option:

This option is recommended only for very accurate position and orientation.

Best regards,
Christina Gkintzou