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Images exterior orientations read in Pix4D

 We work with Pix4D based on the division of labor. This means that after the flight one person is checking for the completeness of the images and the orientations via ground control points.This is done with Pix4d with the fast computation. If the project is cleaned (unescessary images removed) the exterior orientations (X,Y,Z, omega, phi,kappa) of each image is stored by Pix4D in an ACSII file (e.g. XXX_calibrated_external_camera_parameters_wgs84.txt).

If I hand over the images to my colleague (in a different city) to compute the final result with Pix4D he can read in the images in Pix4D but there is no possibility to read in the Pix4D generated orientation parameter file as initial orientation.

As a “work-around” I write the image camera position via EXIFTOOL in the Exif-data of every image. This speeds up the orientation process of my colleague. But it would be easier to use the Pix4d generated ASCII file directly to read in the exterior orientation parameters.

Is there any workflow to do this? Please advise.

I do this on every project. Under " Image Property Manager", choose geolocation from file. Works great. Pictures will start in a closer position than the original geotagging from your drone.