Quality report georeference error


Optical images were acquired with 45-megapixel and 20-megapixel cameras.

GCP was applied and initial processing was performed.

After the initial processing and re-optimization process, the first stage was completed, but a georeferencing error occurred in the quality report.

I tried several troubleshooting methods, but it didn’t work.

What is the reason, upload the corresponding quality report together.

221219_Jeju_45MP_area_1-2_report.pdf (113.9 KB)
2301012_Jejudo_Area4_20MP_report.pdf (112.3 KB)

Hi Kim,
I can see that you have edited the camera model for both the P4RTK and the P1.

Is there a reason why you made adjustments? Otherwise, I would try processing using the camera model from the database.

While using the drone’s own distortion correction option, the optimization parameters were loaded and processed.

In the same way, conventional processing did not present these problems.

Please report any issues…

Are you using the de-warp option that DJI has now made available? If so, we recommend not using it as PIX4Dmapper can handle the raw images. There is no need to enable de-warp.

So you’re saying that the error in the georeference is due to the distortion correction option?

Hi Kim,

Correct is always to let PIX4Dmapper apply the necessary correction to the images.