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Initial Processing Stage - Issue with Georeferencing


Phantom 3 Professional; Sony EXMOR Camera; Pix4D Desktop. 

The issue is with the ground control points- we have major errors in X,Y,Z- but no idea why or how to correct (if possible). I’ve included screen shots of the quality report: 

Hi Leah, 

It looks like you have set the accuracy of six out of seven of your GCPs to be 3 meters. The fact that the Georeferencing in the quality report has a red warning sign seems to be explained by that, as it gets red when the error on the GCPs is higher than 2 times the average Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) of your project (GSD of about 2cm in that case).

I would make sure that the accuracy of the GCPs is set correctly and reoptimize the project. If the GCPs really are accurate to 3 meters, then I think this error is to be expected.

You can change the GCPs accuracy in Project > GCP/MTP Manager and there you can right click and edit the values.