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Quality of the 3D map in forest area

Respected sir,
I’m Bojana, currently working on 3D mapping of forest in South Korea. I’m facing a problem with the quality of my 3D map. The trees in the maps are not clearly visible enough to recognize its shape layout or its colour shade . I’m doing a 50 X 50 meter survey of trees and have done quite a few flights with different angles for a considerable number of pictures. But when I use triangle mesh to finish the 3D map, the trees do not look recognizable. Is there any way I could obtain a clearer 3D imaging so as to be able to recognize the trees (maybe is there any option in Pix4D Pro for this?)? Is there any other option that I’m missing that would make the 3D map better? It would be of great help if you could help me to get around this problem.

I find that the 3D mesh rarely makes trees look like trees. Maybe the (densified!) point cloud, or the orthomosaic, would give you results closer to what you are looking for? Otherwise, you could maybe fly really close to the trees. 

Depending on the level of details you want to obtain, I would rather recommend to fly higher… but the suggestion of Supper_mapper makes sense given your small area !

Flying close to the object can mess the reconstruction because the images are less easily matched especially due to the appearance of trees. I learned this from some Pix4D links like this one about improving the output of vegetation areas:

Anyhow as Super_mapper mentioned it, I would not expect very good results from the mesh to recognize the shape or the color shade…
If you are interested in orthomosaic perhaps you could use a different algorithm to generate the DSM (cf. link above)