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Proportionally off models when using Capture

I have just started using the Capture app with my Phantom 2V+ and am getting some mixed results. I already have Mapper for another UAV we fly.

My models when using the Capture created project file are very off proportionally in the vertical direction. I.E. a 10’ tall stock pile is showing as 40’ high in the model. Also, the matchings mesh in the qualtiy report is very bad. I often get the focal length error as well.

When I create a new project just using the images themselves, I get a much more accurate model, but I lose the accurate geolocation of the images. (not really a problem because I normally set GCP’s).

Right now I am finding that the most accurate way to create a model is to fly a grid mission with Capture, allowing it to automatically take pictures with good overlap, but to disregard the project file it creates, and make my own with the images from the UAV SD card and my GCPs.

Am I doing something wrong on my end? I typically fly small construction and grading sites with 0-50’ elevation changes and stockpiles 0-20’ high.

Hi Jake,

this is indeed not usual. With Pix4Dmapper 2.0, you can however now rescale a project:

A few hints at what may have gone wrong in your case:

  • the camera model database was edited with wrong initials
  • in your particular conditions, the GPS signal might have been very wrong (under a bridge for example, GPS is very inaccurate)
  • your drone is using an outdated firmware

For further investigations, please share your quality report here or send it to to investigate what may have happened.