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Proper settings for input output with GCPs and 3DR Solo

I think I am doing this correctly, but I’d appreciate anyone confirming this.

Flight: 3DR Solo

GCP: 4 with elevation ranging between 64’ and 67’ (mostly flat AOI). GCP collected with GPS/RTK using NAD83 FIPS2001 Massachusetts Mainland USFT, NAVD88 GRS80 12b.

The images are tagged with what I assume is WGS84 coordinates. The elevation values of the images are around 63, I am unclear what this value is relating to; relative elevation, GPS elevation etc.

Assuming I want to keep the output the same as my GCP, what should I be selecting for vertical output?


Hi Graham,

Since the GCPs are in NAVD88 vertical coordinate system, which is not supported in Pix4D software, I would recommend you to select the option Arbitrary Coordinate System for the outputs and the GCPs and import GCPs with coordinates in the coordinate system you specified.

This way the software will respect the GCPs values and will try to fit the model as good as possible to the GCPs. Then, all your outputs will still be in an arbitrary reference system but this system will be based on the system defined by the GCPs.