Program Features

I have found that sometimes it would be nice to write a note related to a marker.
Having a text dialog would be very helpful for several reasons. To remind myself to research something, to communicate with other team members…
Markers are not number nor do they have an ‘identity’ so it is difficult to even write down on paper information describing the location of the marker, for reference for further research or communication with others.

Another suggestion: When a polyline or others are selected, it would be nice if layer “category” would identified in the left column. Said layer would be shown in the list and highlighted for quicker identification.

Also, the information at the bottom of the list in the left column, hiding the data related to the polyline would be great. I find myself not needing to review that information, but would rather see a longer “list” of Layers.

Hi @Austen_Proctor,

Thank you for your feedback.
Do not forget to vote for it using the Vote button in the top-left corner of this thread :slight_smile: .

Also, to be on the same page, can you please confirm you are referring to PIX4Dsurvey instead of PIX4Dmatic?


Hi Austen,

In PIX4Dsurvey you can already add a description linked to a certain geometry. Is this what you are looking for? For example, if you select a polyline you will see on the Properties panel the title “Description” and a text field where you can write your notes.
Hope it helps.