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Process one individual multispectral raw image (not mosaicing)

I am trying to determine the angle of the sun from the individual Sequoia Multispectral raw images. Is there any way I can determine that?

And is it possible to process 1 single raw image to get reflectance value (without mosaicing)?

Also, how can I get the footprint size of one single raw image?


The sun angle value will be there in the image EXIF (Xmp.Camera.SunSensorRelativeRotation). After processing in Pix4DMapper, a file called project_name_sun_angles.csv is generated in the params folder:

You will need to have a look at or the other pages of parrot development forum for calculating reflectance value of a single image. You can also read the white paper here:

By the footprint size, are you referring to the ground sampling distance?

Hi Momtanu,

Thanks for you, I will have a look. The footprint I mean how much area on the ground is captured by a single shot image. If I can calculate the X and Y distance in meter.

You can calculate that with the GSD calculator, it depends on the flight height, focal length, and some other parameters.

Oh Momtanu, Thank you so so much. This what you shared with me, answers it all!

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